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Designing, manufacturing, and supporting automation solutions for the medical sector brings with it some unique challenges. Regulatory requirements, accuracy, high volume, quality control, strict processes and procedures, and legislative considerations all need to be considered.

ALPHR has supplied automation solutions for a range of medical devices, including syringes, inhalers and electronic devices. Processes have included controlled assembly, vision inspection, welding, leak and flow testing and End of Line Testing. Through our group collaboration with Vacuum Engineering Services and Nolek, we are now able to offer advice on helium leak testing solutions for the most stringent leak testing projects.

What benefits can automation offer the Medical sector?

Increased efficiency by streamlining and speeding up processes, helping reduces the time and effort required to complete tasks, leading to increased productivity and output, as well as a reduction in costs.

Accuracy & Quality: Our solutions can significantly reduce the risk of human error in tasks where precision and accuracy are required, dramatically improving quality. Automation can perform tasks with the highest levels of precision, minimising errors, reducing rework or defects, resulting in zero defects entering the supply chain.

Consistency: We provide solutions that can help eliminate variability that can be introduced by human operators, ensuring tasks are performed consistently and reliably, extremely important for processes that require precise measurements and repeatability.

Regulatory Compliance is fundamental to the medical sector to ensures patient safety and fulfil legal obligations. ALPHR works with its medical sector clients to ensure the solutions we provide meet our clients’ regulatory obligations set out in the directives to be adhered to.

Improved Safety: The fundamental consideration for ALPHR is the safety of our clients’ employees and their working environment. It’s in the DNA of all our machine designs. All systems we supply adhere to and comply with all relevant safety standards and directives.

Real Time Data Collection provides our clients with valuable insights into the performance of their manufacturing system that can be used to improve processes and decision-making.

Optimisation of the manufacturing processes from statistical analysis leads to increased efficiency, reduced waste, and improved productivity.

Industry 4.0

ALPHR can help businesses within the medical sector operate more efficiently and consistently, meet regulatory obligations, and gain valuable insights from data.

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