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We are the world’s leading total solution provider of leak testing, proof testing, leak detection, helium charging and recovery and non-destructive testing equipment.

Leak detection today is used in many applications from heavy industrial requirements such as found on oil platforms to the most demanding applications in the medical, science and space related field. Each of those require tailored solutions and instruments. Additionally, all applications required more stringent specifications and have to meet international standard.

While many applications look standard from the onset, they appear to be more complex in nature and require different test modes or even product alterations by the user. This as their products form a physical point of view do not allow the needed test method.

As leak detection is most often an additional step in the production process, which adds cost, it is imperative to work with a company that has a wide range of experience and has a willingness to work with a customer in a partnership approach to define a test method that allows for the right ratio between equipment cost and productivity. Nolek was founded in 1973 and today is is one of the world’s leading suppliers of leak detection equipment.From the onset, Nolek has been involved in developing standards for leak testing and leak detection and has contributed to many of the industrial leak detection developments.

Nolek’s extensive experience, which includes all measurement and detection methods, has resulted in a broad knowledge and understanding of customized leak testing equipment across a wide range of industries.

Over the years, Nolek has built hundreds of custom-tailored machines ranging from the smallest pharmaceutical packages to testing large truck engine blocks.

In addition to building test systems, Nolek can provide customers with guidance throughout the entire process ranging from product design advice (to make it compatible with the objected leak test requirements) to assistance with maintenance, service and calibration.

Nolek has developed it’s own line of decay type instruments and related calibration tools and is able to deliver any type of test method ranging from its decay technology to  the most sensitive helium leak detection methods.

Nolek’s vision is to assist in improving its customers’ product specification(s) and production requirements. Quality is a KEY word within its company and it is a major goal of Nolek’s management to ensure that every employee constantly applies the best possible quality principles.

Nolek is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Nolek headquarters and manufacturing facilities are situated in the southern part of Stockholm (Sweden), while Nolek also has a large manufacturing facility in Malaysia. Other direct Nolek offices can be found in the USA, Denmark, and Hungary, while Nolek has approximately 15 distributors worldwide.

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