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Assembly & Test


Automated assembly & testing

What We Do

We have 30 years of global experience in providing an industry- leading range of test solutions, innovative complex assembly, portable test equipment, standard products and capturing complex data, to deliver flexible, scalable solutions.

Our support is global and our expertise runs from end-to-end.

We believe the future of engineering lies in gathering and analysing ever more complex data. This data offers invaluable insights, not only in terms of traceability and the origin of components, but also their production lifecycle. By embracing the analysis of complex data, not only are we able to ensure robust test solutions, but also a means of continuing to refine what we are able to offer our clients in the future.

Putting all this into practice, our team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers, alongside our production and project managers, means that we can offer a full range of mechanical and electrical engineering, design, machining and assembly capabilities, in-house.


We are passionate about automation. We understand the advantages of automation and the use of robotics – how these can transform the product assembly and testing of any manufacturing process; whether it is improving a manual process; the use of robotics and cobotics; automating part or all of a process; and transforming manufacture through the innovative use of automation.

Our experience and expertise have been developed over decades, so we have a portfolio of successful, tried- and-tested products to fulfil our clients’ requirements. We also have the ability to take our knowledge and apply it to emerging technologies and new manufacturing processes that require bespoke automation solutions.

We can be your trusted partner in testing and automating the manufacture of what you do. The benefits of automation are improvements in quality, speed and accuracy, improved health and safety for your team, increased productivity and value for money – all of which contribute to greater competitiveness for your business, no matter what you make.



With our experience and expertise, ALPHR is also committed to understanding emerging technologies and evaluating their use in the automation of complex manufacturing processes.

ALPHR believes that augmented reality offers real gains to our clients, when correctly targeted and implemented. We are developing this technology around the maintenance and support of our machines, to improve maintainability and empower our clients to carry out quick and easy fixes, supported by us.

ALPHR has been an acknowledged innovator in automation technology for over 30 years. We led the way in making PC-based automation technology available to the market. Our technology is built on our own proprietary software, which offers our clients flexibility and reliability. As this software is open, it provides unmatched ease of maintenance.

With our in-house software and design capabilities, supporting our dedicated Research and Development team, we continually innovate to find the best solutions.


Industrial Automation

Over the years, we have developed our skills to integrate automation products into complex assembly and test environments.

Our expertise enables us to truly understand the manufacturing process and through the collaborative way we work with our clients, provide the right technology, designed to deliver results that exceed expectations.

To find out how we can help integrate automation into your business, call us.

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