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Automation of systems and processes offers repeatability and control of throughput, cycle times, costs, and quality. ALPHR Technology offers standard and bespoke automation machines, in manual, semi, and fully automated configurations from single cells to large production lines.

Why Automate?
Reliability Remote monitoring and diagnostics automation offers the benefits of smart maintenance. Industrial automation technology is trusted in some of the most pressurised production environments in the world.
Availability Predictive maintenance minimises all unplanned downtime. Automation can be flexed to offer 24/7 output or easily switched off altogether.
Maintainability Remote monitoring and diagnostics automation offers the benefits of smart maintenance. Machine learning enables self-diagnosis on a machine level.
Safety Industrial automation machines are designed to work in a safe manner and can improve workplace health and safety, by reducing physical stresses and strains and repetitive work.


Automated Waste Reduction

Industrial automation offers continuous and repeatable levels of precision and quality. This leads to reductions in waste and reworking. This offers benefits to cost base and profitability, whilst also making a business greener.

Automated Workforce Management

Automation enables the business to replace:

  • Repetitive tasks
  • Monotonous tasks
  • Low-value activities

This offers benefits around greater job satisfaction, better value from staff and a safer working environment.

Automated Production

Increased availability and reduced unplanned downtime. Redeployment of skilled resources to higher-value tasks. Improved mean time between failures (MTBF). For current technologies used in control systems, these are in the range of 50-150 years. Lower cost of manufacture to gain a competitive edge.

Why Choose Bespoke Automation?

We can work with you to create your own Roadmap to Automation.

We can help you identify your automation goals.

We can help you realise your automation goals.

We can be your trusted implementation partner.

We will be there with continued support and advice.

Our specialist areas include:

Our experience and collaborative methodology enable us to design and build systems to meet our clients’ requirements for automated production lines.

Please do contact us to find out more about how ALPHR can help. Our technology and industrial automation systems are available across the UK and globally.

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