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Laser marking machine concept design.

The ALPHR Standard Laser Marking


The ALPHR Standard Laser Marking

The ILM (In-Line Laser Marker) is ALPHR’s standard high-speed laser marking station designed for marking PCBs and other products in high production environments.

The In-Line-Laser Marker is fully customisable whist still offering our clients a standardised solution. The benefits of this include shorter lead times, quicker factory integration, simplified maintenance, and fully developed safety architecture. Along with the flexibility to accommodate multiple variants, product changes and new product implementation, an improved ROI over bespoke solutions can be realised.

For products other than PCB’s, the ILM provides the platform to accommodate a wide range of products including electronic modules, bottle tops, bearings, medical devices, castings and plastic mouldings.

The ILM can be supplied as a manually loaded standalone product, or an automated solution that can easily integrated into new and existing production lines.

ALPHR’s In-Line Laser Markers offers fast marking times, ease of setup, low maintenance, and simple customisation and is fully supported by our global support network.

Laser Marking Solutions

The code to be marked on the product is programmable by the client. The marking types available for the user to programme can be one or any combination of Font, 1D Barcode, 2D Code, Gs1 DataBar, and Logo image.

During a single pass, the PCB is clamped and transported on an adjustable width conveyor under a fixed laser marking head.

The standard marking area is up to 330 by 330 mm with one stop. With a second stop position, the marking area can increase to 330 by 450 mm. Both marking area options are a standard feature of the machine.

After marking, the code is scanned and gauged to check the correct information has been marked and is legible, prior to the product being moved out the laser marking area and unclamped from the conveyor.

ALPHR can offer Hybrid (fibre & YV04; wavelength 1064nm) and UV (wavelength 355nm) laser technology as standard. Other laser marking technologies such as green, fibre, and C0 2 are also available as required.

Key features:

  • Fully ESD compliant
  • Adjustable width conveyor
  • Smema extended option
  • Automatic readability/quality check
  • Fully traceable communication

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In-Line Laser Marker Specs

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